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On-site Digital X-rays

Our office has a digital x-ray machine on the premises.  This offers many distinct advantages to our patients.

Immediate viewing

Since the x-rays are taken on-site, there will not be a delay in diagnosing your ailment.  The doctor will be able to view the x-ray, make a diagnosis, and make a decision on a proper treatment plan.  Otherwise, sending patients to an outside facility for x-rays will delay treatment.


Reduced Radiation

Our office takes patient safety very seriously.   Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation by as much as 50%-70% when compared to traditional x-ray units.


Quick Image Sharing

In the event we need to collaborate with another treating physician, digital x-rays streamline the process of sharing images critical to your care.


Increased image quality and accuracy

Due to digital x-ray accuracy, there is a minimal chance you will have to have an x-ray retaken. 

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